Thursday, May 5, 2011

CUSTOM SHOW: Scooter-Center Custom Show Germany

It's been a while since an update but here goes!

The last big thing was the custom show in Cologne, Germany. It has been a tradition and I've been there three times now (counting this event). The first two times we've taken home the third prize (out of 180 and 200 contestants respectively), however this time we did not receive a prize. Very disappointing especially seeing which bikes and set-ups we put up at the show.

This is basically what we displayed and set up:
- Sprocatti Citta (the orange bike on the yellow hydraulic lift)
- Black Simonini Citta (the black bike in front)
- Triple Carb Vespa Ciao (the pearl red Vespa Ciao)
- Simonini 4-stud (2007) engine (tuned, with plug and play HPI Ignition in a custom built plexiglas case)

I expected this to draw a big crowd and it surely did. I'm sure most of the visitors were bored of only seeing scooters with custom paints jobs and a different powerfilter - they soon trolled to my stand to witness the real custom stuff. People were immediately attracted by the big oranje bike on the hydraulic lift. They then turned their heads to the Simonini engine on display, pointing and glazing their eyes out, only to find themselves staring at the black Simonini bike and the triple carbed Ciao.

See for yourselves...


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