Monday, January 3, 2011

PROJECT: Sprocatti

This project is one of my all time favorites. A long-term project with no time limit and no expense/money limit - I work on it as often as I can.

It's a show bike to the fullest and a drag/race bike any day of the week.

This bike has been nominated throughout several of the biggest scooter/moped custom shows in Europe.

It's live view count, the amount of people that have seen this bike LIVE at custom shows, exceeds half a millon, which is quite an achievement for a bike that was born and built out of a (pretty much) stock garage!

INTERMOT 2008 and 2010
We attended Europe's biggest two-wheel-motorcycle fare, the INTERMOT in 2008. This show attracted about 200.000 visitors over a four day period. We were up against some of the best and most hardcore custom bike builders in the world - take Habermann Performance as an example.

As this is an every-two-year event, In 2010 we were invited to the INTERMOT once again with about 220.000 visitors - that is quite some publicity!

Scooter Center Custom Show (Cologne, Germany)
As expected, we did not win any prizes at the INTERMOT fares, which is reasonable as the competition is world-class. However, we did win prizes at several Custom Scooter Show in Germany, such as the Scooter Center Custom Scooter Show in Cologne. We attended in 2008 and took the third prize for BEST ODDITY (3rd out 180 contestants). In 2010, we again won the third prize for BEST ODDITY at the same show, this time with less contestants, but to compensate, all contestants were pre-qualified based on their custom creations, meaning that it was already a win-win siutation if you were even invited to compete!

3rd Prize - BEST ODDITY

Sprocatti Specifications:
- Franco Sprocatti Motori Rotary Valve Engine
- Parmakit/Sprocatti 50mm (bore) cylinder kit - Liquid Cooled
- 46mm stroke crankshaft
- Dell'orto VHSH 30 carburetor (30mm)
- HPI Internal Rotor Ignition system (custom)
- Sprocatti hand made exhsust (chromed and polished muffler/silencer tips)

- Custom cut and calculated CNC-machined subframe/cradle (specially designed for the Sprocatti engine)

- Reich 12Volt waterpump
- Killswitch
- Double disc brake system (front wheel, fully hydraulic)
- Disc brake system rear (under construction)
- Stage6 12" FULL SLICK tyres
- Yamaha Aerox (Minarelli) Radiator (polished)

- Powdercoated white wheels and front end.
- Flip flop pearl orange frame

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